We are 3 ladies residing in the Pacific Northwest, hungry for adventure.


We work hard during the week so when the weekend rolls around, we are ready to get out! Documenting the swagger and snags along the way, we're learning new outdoor skills, hoping to inspire other novices to get out and try. Fostering community and stewardship for our natural world is the heart of our mission. 



Laura is our joyful Idaho gal who keeps us fly.

She's our true north with an eagle eye for design. As a visual archivist, she never fails to document the memorable (and not so memorable) moments. Don't let her gentle nature fool you. She's a real Wild West kind of girl. She'll give you the flannel off her back but will not falter to defend. Laura taught us the ways of the river and we are forever hooked. 

Kd brings the bourbon and has the freedom of a wildfire.

In roaming the valleys and ridges of Kentucky with her seven (yes, seven) siblings, her passion for the natural world grew. From plant identification to all about the Swearing Rock, Kd continues to reshape our knowledge. She helps us stop and smell the ponderosas, explores at the pace of a river and is a force to be reckoned with. She's the real deal.

Rebecca is our dreamer and social schemer.

She wanted to be Joan of Arc when she grew up. So, when it's time to rally the troops, she's our go-to-gal. She facilitates building a better world one fish, river and adventure at a time. Her knack for spirit animal identification pairs quite nicely with her cat thoughts. Home schooled in the wilderness of British Columbia... may explain a few things, eh?


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