We’re often spending our “free time” (if there’s ever such a thing) letting our feet carry us along the lay of the land to where it meets the water’s edge. But believe it or not, we enjoy immersing ourselves in the creative world as well.

Through the years we have independently acquired bits of artistic knowledge, leading to a mutual appreciation for the differing methods of expression. Though our results vary in mediums, style, technique, appearance and use, each product signifies a relationship inspired by nature’s own creations.


Rebecca’s jewelry

Various art practices have guided Rebecca throughout her life.

Her newest evolution of creative wares utilize recycled metals to symbolize and honor a beloved species she once discovered at the end of her line.



Laura’s photography

Through her visual storytelling, Laura often captures the details that would otherwise go unseen.

Her knack for photography provides the audience an opportunity to experience these undiscovered tales and see the world through her lens.



Kd’s macrame

Tying fishing knots wasn’t enough, so Kd decided to explore the art of macrame. She draws inspiration from the natural textures of the incorporated materials, letting them guide an original path that is typically unplanned.

Her work descends from a piece of drift wood that was collected as a memory along the water’s edge.