We've been there:
Up a creek without a fly rod, reel, flies, wading boots, waders, fly line, floatant...

Fly fishing ain't cheap, but man is it worth it! We started fishing a few years ago and found it's a LONG process to gather the gear required to make it happen. It's a huge undertaking to say the least, but we want to help folks get on the water. That's where the Roving Gear Library comes in.

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We want to put spare gear that's collecting dust to use:

If you have gear you are no longer using and want to pass it along, send us a message and we'll find a way to put it in the hands of someone who needs it. 

If you need some gear to help you get on the water, hit us up below and we'll see how we can help! 


Drop us a line...

Whether you are in need of some gear to get you by, have gear you want off your hands, or have any cool jokes worth sharing...we're all ears. 

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Second-hand gear in action