A Reminder of Why We Freeze Our Fingers Off


Brrrrr. Bone-brittle, lips-tremblin' kinda cold.

|  Puget Sound, WA

'Bring coffee' is an understatement. 'Bring coffee with bourbon'—now there's a start. And down jackets. And wool gloves. And don't forget the three layers of socks...


Fishing in the Pacific Northwest winter can be rough. Those early morning rises, with no warmth on the horizon, are blue with cold. We take frequent breaks, fueling with tons of snacks and sipping coffee. No one goes off alone. Learning from experience, those cold waters can shock the body, causing people to faint into the icy tides. We stay close and keep an eye on each other.


Seems like a fool's errand right? Finger tips bursting with cold, running in-place in your waders, burrowing deep into your scarf, and shivering as the rain starts to fall, again.

So wait, why are we doing this?

Oh yeah. See per below...

IMG_0126 2.jpg

Yep, it's that heart-accelerating tug on the line! Our morning may have started slow and cold as hell, but once there's a fish on, everybody better drop that damned coffee and grab their rods, 'cause when those fish are biting, you've gotta get 'em while they're hot! 


And just like that, you forget how dang cold you are.