An evening of swappin' flies, facts & fish tales


We hosted a Fly Swap benefiting the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition. Here's what happened!

Beloved by PNW recreational fishers, cutthroat trout are a mysterious fish with little scientific data available to educate management. Enter the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition, formed to fund projects that advance our understanding of Coastal Cutthroat Trout.

When we first heard about the Coalition we were all fired up and asked, 'How can we help?' With the support of Native Fish Society and several community leaders we hosted an evening of conversation about Coastal Cutthroat Trout, the role of the Coalition and the road ahead. 

Passionate and thoughtful dialogue flowed throughout and the deep roots of this incredible community shone.


The Swap was hosted at Burnside Brewing Co.  in the back brewery (where all the beer-making magic takes place!). Burnside generously donated a portion of the evening's beer proceeds to the cause.


Native Fish Society is a member of the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition and guided our learning on cutthroat. Learn how NFS River Steward Program feeds into the cause. 


People brought their flies to casually swap with new pals, and entered for a chance to win the fly jackpot! A raffle was held to raise funds and outfitted several lucky winners.


The Fly Jackpot grew to over 200 flies, many generously provided by South Sound Fly Fishers.


Fish biologist and Coalition member, James Losee, giving us the facts and goals for growing cutthroat data and knowledge. 


Everyone present was incredibly thoughtful, with true interest in knowing more about cutthroat and sharing community with those who love and serve the natural world. 


Lucky winners went home with stellar gear from Dolly Varden apparel and Roam adventure van rentals. 


Serious smiles as lucky anglers scored a 3-month fly subscription to Postfly and a Patagonia duffle bag.  


Community members Kayla Lockhart and KC Badger contributed some of their badass handy work!


This fella won 2 wet suit and board rentals from our pals at local surf shop, Cosube! 


Artist, Mark Dalton, contributed this lovely print of our favorite subject matter!


Winner winner, trout for dinner!


Passing the jackpot-baton!


A serious champion of an evening. A GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who came out, drank some beer and learned more about our fishy cutthroat friends!


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