The Yakima


It's all about that hopper-dropper!

| Yakima River, WA

An 80 degree day in March? We'll take it! Warm weather means making a break for the river with the raft to try our hand at catching some trout. We loaded up the rigs after a long week of work, rolled down the windows, turned up the tunes and drove north to the river.

the-roving-dears-c2016-steelhead-sandy-IMG_9862 2.jpg

Rolling into camp late at night is really a unique feeling. You never see your surroundings or really get your bearings until dawn breaks, then it all becomes familiar at once! After all, it's home for the weekend.

This particular morning, we learned quickly that even though we were in the desert and it was going to be 80 degrees, we could've used an extra pair of wool socks! We'd say we learned our lesson, but...

the-roving-dears-c2016-steelhead-sandy-IMG_9897 2.jpg

Gearin' up to get out!
Our breakfast was paired with lots of flyline, a handful of indicators, and maybe a river mimosa or two.

the-roving-dears-c2016-steelhead-sandy-IMG_9943 2.jpg
the-roving-dears-c2016-steelhead-sandy-IMG_9921 2.jpg
the-roving-dears-c2016-steelhead-sandy-IMG_9979 2.jpg

Wooly-boogers and hopper-droppers, David's middle finger and Rebecca's denim. Enough said.

the-roving-dears-c2016-steelhead-sandy-IMG_9999 2.jpg

Six fly rods, four fishers, three oars, one raft, one frame, one drybox, one cooler, four life jackets, a bag full of straps, numerous beers, and countless odds and ends. Ryan's car couldn't handle a single more item...loaded up, we hit the road for the boat launch! 


Loadin' up. Strappin' down. Dragbag full of beer. Rods at the ready. Sunscreen rubbed in (almost) all the way. Oh, and don't forget David! 


Finally! We are on the water. Game on.


What they do tell you is how awesome having a dropper (or second fly) on your line is.

What they don't tell you is how challenging it is to detangle your line with the dropper. Lesson learned for real this time.


Did we mention David's middle finger. When looking back through the photos, it's like playing a game of 'Where's Waldo'.