2016: The Year of Fly Fishing


Bad knots, lost flies, and falling in love.

Last year we met, Kd, Laura and Rebecca; somehow our lives convened and it’s never been the same since.

Our first meal was burgers and beer while we bonded over fish talk: fly fishing. We all wanted it. There were a lot of obstacles such as learning from the ground up. We didn’t know a thing about it aside from the exposure Laura had growing up. There was also a total lack of gear. Between 3 ladies we shared one pair of waders, one fly rod, a pair of hand-me-down boots (four sizes too large for us) and a box of flies. But heck, is that a challenge? We’re in!

With a champagne promise, we committed 2016 as the year of fly fishing. We’ve lost a lot of flies, snagged a lot of branches, spent too long untangling line. But these are the rites of passage and every smolt caught is a celebration.


Rebecca's first fish was a 20lb. Arctic trout. It was love at first bite.



Kd grew up cannonballing the sycamore shaded streams of Kentucky.



Laura has snorkeled miles of rivers; we think it gives her an unfair advantage.


We are forever hooked.